Boy George

About Boy George

George Alan O’Dowd or Boy George is a famous British singer who formed the band named “Culture Club”. George was the first to combine strong and soulful singing with a proactive sense of fashion and represented the combination through his band.


Singer George was born on 14th June 1961 in Eltham, London. He had four brothers and one sister. In order to stand out in his family, he started to dress differently. He once said that he liked being noticed by other people. He attended a local school of Eltham known as The Eltham Green School.
He was different from the other students due to his sense of dressing and different behavior, which also lead to an expulsion from the school. George was more interested in arts rather than math and science. After he was expelled from school, he went to do some petty jobs like selling fruits on the streets because he was also not accepted in his own family.


A new evolution of romance was emerging in the UK around 1980’s and George’s unique fashion sense caught the attention of an artist cum fashion designer, Malcolm Maclaren! From there, Boy George joined “Bow Wow Wow” band. It was the starting of his new career as a band artist. After few years, he even made his own band Culture Club! He decided the band name in his own unique way as all the band members were of different cultures.
The band released their first album “Kissing to be Clever” in 1982 and after that, they also released a single “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?”. Both were a huge international hit! As a result, George’s career reached new heights! One year later they released the second album which also was an international hit. Then the third album came “Waking Up with the House on Fire”, which was expected to be a hit but had a warm response from the audience. A few years later, he started appearing on TV-series, shows, and movies which gave George’s career a new turn. He was now an actor and a singer. (, n.d.)
He continued releasing his albums. However, in 1987, he was arrested by the police because he had cannabis in his possession and his keyboard artist was found dead due to an overdose of heroin. All his life, George struggled with the addiction of heroin and legal issues.
As of now, he’s continuing his TV-series career and is appearing in The Voice and The Celebrity Apprentice showed on NBC. (The Famous People, n.d.)